We are a family of friends who started Vapoura to progress our passions by working to bring something new to the category.

Taking what has been many years of admiration and enjoyment and progressing it into something bigger. Born in the depths of a global pandemic when the world was a little darker, we endeavoured to create not just a beautiful rum but a brand that would evolve and expand the category by offering consumers new and exciting ways to explore their rum journey. 

Furthermore, we wanted Vapoura to stand as a beacon of light and encourage people to feel liberated and excited about all the beauty life has to offer, despite the somewhat darker times that we were living.  Vapoura has not just been about developing a great tasting liquid for people but bottling up everything that brings joy and passion to our lives. Friends, family, connection, music, growth, adventure. We wanted to combine the things that make us feel alive with a lifelong passion for rum. In turn paying homage to the rich history of the liquid whilst using ground-breaking methods to achieve something very special for everyone to share and enjoy.

Vapoura is a testament to the rich heritage of rum-making

Our liquid is inspired by the best of the past, chasing the light of perfection with all the skills of modernity, to produce a fine rum that is both traditional and ground-breaking. We have worked hard to create a category defining product to lead the way in the premiumisation of the rum market. 

Our desire is to introduce a new way of drinking and a new way of thinking about the oldest spirit in the world. We aren’t here to forget the past and not pay homage to the rich history of Rum, but to honour it by offering something new to the category.

This starts with the traditionally artisanal approach to the development of the liquid and pours into the wider brand, something that transcends our beautiful liquid and offers our community of patrons a world they can step into to feel understood, liberated and inspired.